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Do the trick!

Do the trick – get the kick!

The one and only original indoor-mini-kick-soccer game <> trick kick  

is played with your feet <> just unroll the playing field – set up the  

aluminium perimeter boards and start playing <> anyone can play – from  

kids to professionals <> fast and easy to set up <> contribution to  

more exercise in everyday life


nature of the game

trick kick is a surprisingly dynamic version of soccer and is defined  

as a mini-kick-soccer game. Using the perimeter boards challenging  

variations of the game will arise.


the game is legendary!

Field studies show that trick kick appeals a lot of people, for  

example in waiting or break rooms. Everybody wants to kick the ball.



<> young and cool trend game

<> alternative to computer games

<> away from computers (ecological balance!)

<> social component (»come together«)

<> the claim »Do the trick – get the kick« tells all about positioning


target groups

<> soccer fans in general, young soccer players or returners

<> kids and teenagers

<> coffee shops/restaurants (entertainment)

<> companies (»fit at the office«)

<> event managers

<> schools, break rooms, youth centres

<> shopping centres (»trick kick-mania«)